When MAG first decided to make The Rainforest Exhibit a reality, he knew it would not be a one person project.  He decided to get others involved.  He knew he only wanted businesses, people, and organizations that have great products, great people, and respect in their field and community.   Every partner and sponsor associated with The Rainforest Exhibit, was chosen by MAG, for exactly those reasons. 

As a viewer of The Rainforest Exhibit, if you choose to purchase, contact, get involved with any of our partners and/or sponsors, do so with the utmost confidence that they are of the highest quality and standards in their field or product category.  Also know, 100%, that MAG would have purchased everything from these partners and sponsors and would have sang their praises without their cooperation.  Their partnership/sponsorship/friendship is just the icing on the cake!


Learn more about each one of them, below...


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Custom Aquariums is the leader of made-to-order aquariums.  Superior aquarium engineering services,
materials and
fabrication techniques
combine to create our custom glass aquariums

Visit www.customaquariums.com

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MistKing produces the best misting system available.

Their attention to detail and their amazing customer service make MistKing by far the highest quality of any misting systems on the market!


Visit www.mistking.com


DUNA-USA/DUNA-GROUP manufactures rigid PU/PIR FOAMS in continuous production specifically designed for the American market and offering greatly improved performance.

Our base land areas in The Rainforest Exhibit are all DUNA-USA High Density Foam products!




known for consistently providing the highest quality plants and offering the widest selection of varieties to their clients, often introducing them to new types of species and hybrids.
We are so excited that all of our bromeliads have been given to our project by this awesome company!


Aquarium Plants

Tropica Aquarium Plants aims to increase the joy and experience of having an aquarium as a hobby. The company develops, produces and sells aquarium plants, fertiliser and aquarium equipment.




The high quality replica rock, tree roots, and backgrounds have helped many a hobbyist turn an ordinary vivarium/terrarium into a piece of art worthy of exhibiting in any zoo. The secret to its success lays in the traveling to exotic locations and molding the trees, rocks, and vertical faces that are found only there.  All this is run by the amazingly talented, Scott Allen.



Valiant Entertainment is a leading character-based entertainment company that owns the largest independent superhero universe in comics. In 2015, Valiant announced a multi-picture deal to bring Bloodshot and Harbinger to the big screen as feature films.



Vivarium and Botany Enthusiast, Avid Sportsman, Joshua Turner is an expert at growing plants in a vivarium environment and has helped us tremendously along our journey.  He has many interests and expert skill sets in powder skiing, ski racing, trekking, via ferratas, reptiles, dart frogs, vivariums, reef tanks, coral, saltwater fish.



"I am very selective about the driftwood I gather but I also go by overall first impressions especially if it catches my eye on uniqueness keeping in mind that it could look like a million dollar piece but if it doesn’t meet my standards then I leave it!" - Amy Chambers. OWNER

Check out




Acadian Supply, Inc. is the exclusive importer of premium New Zealand substrates with a variety of uses from orchid growing to reptile and amphibian bedding. Their suppliers, Besgrow and Fernwood NZ, produce these products from sustainable, renewable resources and supply the horticulture and herpetology industries worldwide.