UPDATE: The Rainforest Exhibit has...ENTERED THE BUILDING!!!

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

After months of planning, design, fabrication, construction in other States, the Rainforest Exhibit has entered my Sneaker Office!!!

There were a few hiccups along the way, that I will discuss in a vlog, but they have all been worked out (so far) and the HUGE GLASS Custom Aquariums' Amphibious Aquarium has endured the truck ride from Wisconsin to North Carolina and the mile long forklift trip (yep, details later). I am attaching some quick pics of the "happenings" and we filmed a bunch of it as well, so that will be in an upcoming vlog.

I have a cool local guy, Chris, who has helped me get my vinyl slider door off...yes, I designed this cage so it WOULDN'T fit in the door, don't ask.

The one thing that stands out to me, is the amazing craftsmanship and detail that is put into Custom Aquarium products! This thing is a TANK, pun intended. Solid, sturdy, the seams are perfect, every aspect of this enclosure screams "we care"!!!

Check out the pics:

More photos and vlogs coming, please go yo our YouTube Channel (link below) Subscribe and hit the Bell icon to get video updates. We are excited that you are here, at the beginning...your support is NOT taken for granted!!! @customaquariums @mistking@rainforesttrust @tropica @bromeliad@vivariumworks @dunausa #customaquariums #vivariums #mistking #bromeliad #valiantentertainment #tropica#dunausa #vivariumworks #rainforesttrust #tropica #poisondartfrog

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