Well, this is going to be an exciting week!

I just heard from my friend, Kyle Nelson, CEO of Tropica North America, that he has ordered The Rainforest Exhibit a bunch of plants and they will ship out this week. These are actually one of the last puzzle pieces missing that we needed to finish the build. Tropica is a worldwide company and they raise their own aquatic plants and sells them all over the globe. We are very fortunate to have Kyle and Tropica supporting our DIY Project! As soon as their products arrive, I will film everything and put it is an upcoming vlog and blog. When the plants arrive, we will be creating some videos so you can see all the goodies! Kyle has confirmed that he is sending us a lot of moss flats, which we plane on planting IN the water and ON driftwood and rock/mudwalls. Very cool!

Thank you for your support! Please subscribe to out YouTube Channel, we need all the help we can get! YouTube Vlog Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtnSqKjNlHuClgb5HVUaAAQ

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