The Rainforest Exhibit Vlog #1

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

Pictured on our logo is the Golden Poison Frog (Phyllobates terribilis)

WELCOME!!! (yes, I'm screaming) Welcome to the FIRST The Rainforest Exhibit Vlog (Link below)! I, MAG, creator of The Rainforest Exhibit, am so thrilled you decided to check us out!!!

If you didn't know, we are creating a BIG indoor rainforest with all the bells

and whistles of a high tech zoo exhibit but in a residential/office environment.

My personal goal is to put out one vlog every week, but for the first couple, it will be every

two weeks. Gotta get use to the flow...the floooowwwww. My first vlog goes through all the "things" that got us to this point, the exhibit, some of the products, etc. My first few vlogs will focus on all the STUFF that will make up The Rainforest Exhibit, including, DUNA-USA high density foam, Vivarium Works faux rocks, MistKing Misting System, Bromeliad dotcom plants, Tropica Aquatic Plants, and more! ENJOY...LIKE...SUBSCRIBE...HIT THE BELL ICON! Get ready for some giveaways, too!

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