The Rainforest Exhibit: NOW the FUN BEGINS!!!

In the words of Custom Aquariums, the AWESOME build-to-order aquarium manufacturing company, when they saw we had the exhibit in place, "NOW the fun begins"!!!

The Rainforest Exhibit in Moonlight Mode Testing.

This statement means that NOW we can start to put all the ideas, sketches, discussions, plans, etc., into action. As someone who has created many vivariums, terrariums, animal exhibits in my day, this really is a dream come true. To have the enclosure that I have dreamed about for decades, to finally have it in my hands to do WHATEVER the heck I want to it, WOW...WOW...and WOW!

I have had large acrylic reef tanks to play with, but they were child's play compared to the BEHEMOTH! Put it this way, I have to get IN THIS THING work on it...yea, that is cool. I will talk more about this in the vlog, but we had some MAJOR ISSUES that were hitting us day after day from the time the crates were on the way to our place. From the trucking company not being able to get within a mile of my studio/house due to the size of his truck and that we live in the mountains, to not having the labor power to put it on the stand. Well, I came up with a few solutions (again, I will go into detail in the vlog) and with the help of two of my 4 adult kids (2 live far away) and my wonderful wife, Gina, we got The Rainforest Exhibit on the stand...inch by inch. It was a tough job, but we figured it out and did it!

Follow us on our YouTube Vlog at this link: https://youtu.be/YK1XYkiu3Sk

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