Hi everyone... well, as we work hard to bring The Rainforest Exhibit to its ultimate form, which is, completed build with living animals and plants, we realize what a huge job this is! Nothing could have prepared us for how HUGE The Rainforest Exhibit is! I have said it before and I will say it again, this looked a lot smaller on paper.

So just to quickly update you about what we have planned for the next few weeks:

1. Editing new vlogs. We have 3 new vlogs being completed as we speak. They include 2 unboxings with MistKing and DUNAGroup, two of our awesome sponsors. We also have an amazing interview with the man himself, Ted Judy from Custom Aquariums and Ted's Fishroom! This will go live on December 7th at 8PM (our YouTube Channel link is below). 2. We are meeting one of our sponsors in Alabama! The awesome Etsy driftwood company, https://www.etsy.com/shop/LifeIsBeautifullUniq , is supplying us with some truly unique pieces of driftwood! We are so excited to have them on board...in such a short time we have become good friends, which is really the ultimate goal in doing any project. (Some of their awesome driftwood is pictured below.)

3. We are expecting two HUGE slabs of High Density Foam from our terrific sponsor, DUNA Group! DUNAGroup/DUNAUSA, has been with us from almost the beginning as they were one of the first companies that I contacted after the project had the "Thumbs Up" signal from Custom Aquariums. The foam they are providing that comes in a slab, 4 feet by 8 feet by 16 inches thick times 2 each, is an integral part of this exhibit, since it is being used for several major purposes. The vlog will show it in detail, but to give you a quick overview, it will be used as a false bottom, land masses, stream and waterfall waterways, drainage system, epoxy forms, netting mounts, etc.! Not one product that we will be using will serve so many different purposes as will these giant slabs of foam! I can't wait to share our full plans with all of you! I will leave it there for now! I want to come out and tell all of our friends and fans, this project is nowhere without YOU! Make sure to Subscribe and Hit the Bell Icon on our YouTube Channel (oh and SHARE it), follow all of our social media, if you would and talk about us to your friends and family. If we are allowed to grow, it will not only keep The Rainforest Exhibit going, but, we will be leveraging our popularity with raising funds and awareness for the Rainforest Trust. They are our partner charity organization that raises money to purchase rainforests, to save flora and fauna, and to raise awareness to save these amazing gifts! Visit them and tell them The Rainforest Exhibit sent you... www.rainforesttrust.org

Follow us on our YouTube Vlog at this link: https://youtu.be/YK1XYkiu3Sk AND we will see you in our next vlog and blog! SOCIAL MEDIA: www.facebook.com/therainforestexhibit www.instagram.com/therainforestexhibit www.therainforestexhibit.com

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