The Quarantine Tanks have ARRIVED!!!

WOW...it has been quite a couple of weeks over here! Besides getting a bit farther on the interior plumbing, we received our quarantine tanks from Custom Aquariums. Two 30 Gallon tanks(17.5” High x 21.5” Length x 17 5/8” Wide) and one 75 Gallon (30" High x 24" Wide x 24" Length).

These were slightly used or "Dented/Scratch" models, but that didn't matter to me. They just needed a couple of things like, lids, being cleaned, tweaking here and there. The one issue...Holy Mother of Hubbard, these things are HEAVY! The 30 Gallon tanks made the old All-Glass Aquariums look like a child's toy! I debated even putting them on my trusty old template glass desk from Sharper Image (bought the desk a LOOOOOONG time ago), but this desk has been through 5 to 6 moves all over the USA, down South, up North, the Arctic chills of the North, and the humid heat of the South, and both in NYC, and hurricanes, an earthquake (minor one, but it sure adds flavor to this post), well, you get the point.

These are two of the 3 enclosures we received from Custom Aquariums that we are using to quarantine our livestock when they arrive.  These will house amphibians such as Phyllobates Terriblis or the Golden Poison Frog, Red-Eyed Tree Frogs, Mourning Geckos, etc.
Twin 30 gallon quarantine tanks from Custom Aquariums.

So, they are on the desk and I think it will be fine. Since they are my quarantine tanks, I won't be stuffing them with aesthetically pleasing vivarium stuff, so it won't add too much weight.

The 75 Gallon. HELLO!?!? What the what the what!?!?!?! Another behemoth! It has to weigh 200+ pounds, I don't know, just shockingly heavy!

The glass is 1/2" thick, so it figures it would be heavy.

For this one, I used parts of the beautiful crate they were shipped in and built a stand for it. 25" wide x 25" long x 36" tall. I wanted it to be to my height, hence, the 36" tall stand. I had some red spray paint and I went at it. I may put panels over the frame, so the color really doesn't matter, besides I have a gloss orange wall to the left of it, so, well...I'll just leave that there.

I normally would build the stand beefier, but since there is no water involved, I am sure it will be fine.

So, let me know your thoughts? I love advice and I have already received some awesome advice on Instagram, that really helped me out! Make sure to Subscribe to our Vlog on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtnSqKjNlHuClgb5HVUaAAQ?view_as=subscriber

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