I decided to write a quick blog before Vlog #5, MistKing Un-Boxing, comes out (within the week). I decided to post a variety of pictures of The Rainforest Exhibit, as I was playing with the foam, faux rocks, and plants, just to get some ideas flowing and motivate new ones. It was successful! I plan on having the stream that flows into the ancient ruin basin (below the carved foam ruins to the right), look like it is coming through the rocks from a rocky tunnel! It is hard to imagine, but you will soon see. Notice on the top, there are several stumps. The base of these will be buried in soil, with roots appearing from the side, as if they are on the forest floor and the water has eroded this little canyon/trench that has uncovered an ancient ruin. Notice the hole in the foam (lower center of picture top left). There will be a faint light coming from this hole, as if leading to a hidden forest. I may do a trick or two here, something used in several zoo exhibits I have seen (more on that later). The picture of me (MAG) with the exhibit is to give you an idea of the size of this behemoth! Focused in this blog: Thanks to Custom Aquariums, Bromeliad.com, Vivarium Works, the Etsy Store LifeIsBeautifullUniq , and DUNAUSA, for all their help and support! I couldn't ask for better partners!

Enjoy the images!

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