One and a half years, that is how long The Rainforest Exhibit has been growing! Where does the time go...t has flown by. The exhibit is absolutely beautiful and the animals are thriving! We are working on video footage to get into more detail and to show some of the little things that would normally get passed over, such as, plants we did not plant, Isopods, daily animal activity, etc. Our newest vlogs, Part 1 & 2, show a lot of detail, so check them out and enjoy! Please leave a comment and a Like (if you LIKED it), and subscribe! Every little thing helps us grow, in the long run. Here is Part ONE. Part TWO follows:

Part TWO:

Some AMAZING pictures of The Rainforest Exhibit interior! Truly a Living Work of Art!

WHOA!!! Almost forgot...we have just had our NEW BROCHURE printed and are ready to send out a copy! We ask that it be for SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY! Drop us a line and your address and we will get a copy out to you ASAP! Email mag@punkyourchucks.com (YEP, this email covers The Rainforest Exhibit, too!)

The Rainforest Exhibit is proud to be partnered with the Rainforest Trust, which is a charity dedicated in preserving rainforests and other ecosystems, by purchasing land to protect it from deforestation and illegal mining. We will be helping spread the word about the Rainforest Trust, as well as, helping them raise funds to carry on their mission.

Please visit their website at: www.rainforesttrust.org

The Rainforest Exhibit uses products from companies like:

Custom Aquariums: www.customaquariums.com

Current LED Lighting: www.current-usa.com

Frogs and other fauna: www.frogdaddy.net

MistKing Misting Systems: www.mistking.com

DUNA-USA Foam Products: www.dunagroup.com

Vivarium Works - Faux Rocks: www.vivariumworks.com

Bromeliads from : www.bromeliad.com

Tropica aquatic Plants: www.tropica.com

Driftwood: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LifeIsBeaut...

Valiant Comics and Entertainment: www.valiantentertainment.com

Acadian Supply, LLC: www.acadiansupply.com

www.besgrow.com Sphagnum Moss

www.fernwoodnz.com Tree Fern Panels and Substrate

www.orchiata.com Orchid Bark

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