BEAUTIFUL Golden Poison Frogs from FROGDADDY.NET

We FINALLY posted a NEW VLOG! We have been so busy over this summer, from Custom Sneakers to The Rainforest Exhibit, that we have not been filming as many vlogs as we hoped to make. However, when we received our newest "stuff" from our new sponsor, FrogDaddy.net , we couldn't help but get excited to film it!

FrogDaddy.net has provided The Rainforest Exhibit with some new animals and we are really excited! FrogDaddy breeds top quality Poison Dart Frogs and other Amphibians, Reptiles, along with other vivarium hobby supplies and products!

Pictured is Alex, THE FROGDADDY at FrogDaddy.net !
FrogDaddy.net at a recent convention!

We had been out of the hobby for some time, and FrogDaddy

assisted us, not only with beautiful animals, but answered many questions we had.

Check out our new vlog where we UNBOX our newest inhabitants to The Rainforest Exhibit... Golden Poison Frogs Red-Eyed Tree Frog Mourning Geckos Bumblebee Millipedes


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