NEW VLOG...InShot App Video Montage!!!

I film a lot of The Rainforest Exhibit on my cell phone, usually because something catches my eye or a frog is near the glass or a dozen other reasons. I can download the footage to my pc and then edit it on Adobe Premier Pro CC, but most of the time I want to do it quick without too much effort. In steps the InShot App! Now before anyone jumps to any conclusions, they have not sponsored us in any way (well, up to now anyway). It is so easy to edit your footage, add music (from Ikson, Jef, and others) and titles, stickers, fonts, even sound effects! So while I was skimming my cell the other day, I noticed I had a bunch of files in the InShot folder. This time I did download them to my PC and put them in Adobe Premiere CC, to edit them into my new vlog. Here is the vlog's link:

I still have a lot more InShot vids that I did not edit together, but that is for another vlog. Go check it out on YouTube and let me know what you think.

Help spread the word about our YouTube Vlog, subscribe, and hit the Bell icon when you're there! Here is a link to their website (again, hard to believe we are not sponsored by them, we still want to share a great app)! Because that's how we roll!!! Haha! Bonus footage at the end AND a taste of a project I am doing with Fernwood Panels from our cool supplier, Acadian Supply, LLC, and www.fernwoodnz.com !

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