NEW VLOG: Golden Poison Frogs MOVING DAY AND things are CRAZY!!!

First, my apologies for not writing in awhile. Things have gone CRAZY over here and I had no chance to update a lot of our social media. However, this is me, while things are still crazy, making an effort to update you on all our NEW NEWS! The biggest news is we have finally introduced our little troop of Golden Poison Frogs-Orange Morph (Phyllobates terriblis) into the exhibit (more on this below)! BIG SHOUTOUT to www.frogdaddy.net for supplying us with almost all of our fauna! The Rainforest Exhibit is doing amazing! The plants have had an amazing growth spurt, especially the moss. The fish, Cory Catfish, Buenos Ares Tetra, Black Tetra, are thriving. Our Springtails are everywhere in the soil, doing their duty. Our bromeliads (provided by www.bromeliad.com ) went from the initial 30 to 34 specimens, to now OVER 100! One of the main reasons for doing this in the first place, other than for an amazing eco-project, was to start building/fabricating large Custom Vivaria for home, businesses, even zoos and schools! We will soon have a page on our website showing what we can do and how to apply for a Custom Price Quote to get us to build one of our amazing indoor rainforest vivariums/paludariums in your home or office! We can even build large desert terrariums, whatever fits your needs. Go to our contact page on this website OR email our artist MAG directly at mag@punkyourchucks.com to find out more! SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY! The following are some of the cool videos we have shot on our cell phones, as well as, our latest Vlog!

ALSO, check out our NEWEST VLOG...all about the frog MOVING DAY:

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