NEW VLOG: #9 Sustainable Vivarium Supplies!

First, let me apologize since I was a week late posting my new vlog. I was really caught up with building the exhibit. One of the most important elements involved in creating an exhibit such as ours, is substrates, soils/earth, per say. For this reason (and a few others), I was thrilled to have owner Jeff Saal and Acadian Supply, LLC, as a contributor to our project! When I contacted Jeff, I had already heard of the products he supplies, since any frequent visitor to YouTube with an interest in European Vivaria Hobbyists posts (I began my love for vivariums as big fan of Vivaria Projects in the Netherlands, late 1990's, now closed), have heard of Spagmoss, Orchiata, Fernwood. So when Jeff contacted me back, I was even more excited to learn that these companies are committed to sustainable growth practices. They a dedicated to a sustainable harvest. making sure that the impact is minimal, assisting in further growth. Watch this video:

In Vlog 9, Jeff sent me a box of samples, for my review, to give me a full idea of what they have to offer. Once I received them (as you will see in the video), I had a clear idea of what they had, and then Jeff and I discussed what I would be needing to complete The Rainforest Exhibit. He even completed the math for me on the exact quantities to make sure I had all that I needed, thank goodness for that! I was going to write something else he did for me, but I will wait for the next vlog I do concerning Acadian Supply, since it would be more relative to when I actually start to "MIX" their products (hint). Here is Vlog #9:

Thank you for your support! Please subscribe to out YouTube Channel, we need all the help we can get!

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High Density Foam: www.dunausa.com MistKing Misting Systems: www.mistking.com

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