NEW VLOG: #6 Bromeliad.com Unboxing!

Hi Everyone! MAG here, I just posted a new Vlog! This is Vlog #6 and in it I unbox all the beautiful bromeliads that www.bromeliad.com has donated to The Rainforest Exhibit. I had contacted Alex Arbuzov, owner of Bromeliad.com about our project and he was amazingly kind to send me a large sample of some of his beautiful bromeliads.

There are many videos online which talk about chances of an initial die-off, when bromeliads are transported in a box, over the course of 3 or 4 days, especially in inclement weather. What was freaking me out, was that there just happened to be a temp drop that no weather agency reported. So when it happened, I did not have a good feeling about these poor plants making it here all alive. Long story short, not only did they make it, but because of bromeliad.com packing them so well, there was not ONE die-off...ZERO! Now, six weeks later:

there are a minimum of 16 of the initial 34 plants, with pups, some starting two of them! Please go check out Alex's awesome Internet store at www.bromeliad.com Make sure to check out our Vlog and subscribe, also hit the Bell icon so you know when a new vlog posts.

Check out Vlog #6: Bromeliad.com UnBoxing!


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