NEW! VLOG #4: Unboxing High Density Foam Samples from DUNAUSA

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Hi everyone! We hope you had a great Christmas, Hanukkah, winter break, etc.! We have just posted a new vlog (#4...whew, starting to move up in the world) and the focus is on HIGH DENSITY FOAM. So, you may ask yourself (I know...can't help this Talking Heads reference), what does high density foam have to do with an indoor rainforest?!? Well, when you need a base to use as a solid surface to create planters, epoxy fake rocks, turn into anc...oooops...I'll wait on that, waterfalls and streams, you need a strong surface that can hold the weight and is waterproof. Back in the late 90's I would use styrofoam or the insulation foam, when doing reef tank modifications, but these were either weak or not suitable for some of the finer details. I did use expanding foam for awhile, but I was never a fan of it, plus it was, again, not suitable for creating finer details. I searched the internet figuring, now there are whole stores for vivariums how hard could it be to find a replacement. I went on YouTube to see what people were using, 20 years later, the foam of choice, EXPANDING FOAM!!! You have got to be kidding me...sigh. So, the search was on! With my past experience with building zoo exhibits using shotcrete, gunite, rebar, mesh, trowels, brushes, etc., I needed an alternative to heavy concrete, metal ANYTHING, and the dreaded expanding foam (unless using just to glue something together, then it is GREAT...pun intended). My search took me to DUNAGroup. They supply foam for signs, large theme park projects, zoos...BINGO! A few conversations with DUNAUSA, Brad B. and they were sending me samples to try out. That is where this VLOG picks up.

Screenshots of Vlog #4: Unboxing High Density Foam Samples from DUNAUSA

Just FYI, we have run into a few hurdles along the way, due to my lack of familiarity with this products, I accept full responsibility (you will see in and upcoming vlog...ahem...), but it will all work out in the end!

High Density Foam Slabs arrive!

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