MOVING DAY! Golden Poison Frogs moved to BioActive Vivarium!

First, I have been so busy and I apologize for not posting more blogs, vlogs, etc. Being busy is a good thing, just not when it stops you from posting, so, again, my apologies.

Our Golden Poison Frogs (Phyllobates terriblis, Orange Morph, adolescents), that were provided by our good friends, www.frogdaddy.com

have been transferred from their quarantine tank to their NEW temporary 75 GALLON Custom Aquariums' Vivarium!

FrogDaddy breeds top quality Poison Dart Frogs and other Amphibians, Reptiles, along with other vivarium hobby supplies and products!

As soon as our frogs grow to an inch and a half to two inches, they will be permanently relocated to the MASSIVE The Rainforest Exhibit!!!

Check out our NEW VLOG where we MOVE our AWESOME Golden Poison Frogs...

BEFORE... 10 Gallon Quarantine Tank:

AFTER. 75 Gallon Custom Aquariums Cube Bioactive Vivarium:

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