Updated: Nov 2, 2018

We did it! After all these months and long days, we have OFFICIALLY launched The Rainforest Exhibit Vlog and Website! First, I want to welcome all of you to this exciting new project! Many of you started following us when we first put out our social media pages, and we sincerely want to thank you for that. It really helped us to get our feet wet, per say, but it also allowed us to share new information and events that would have been PILED on this blog here, so thank you.

Most of the information we will be sharing will occur in the vlog, but I still want to use this blog to express things not mentioned in the vlog, and maybe use this as a side "behind the scenes" thingamajigger. We are really trying to create something different and not usually seen on YouTube. I am not bragging by saying that I have been creating these exhibits, these indoor vivariums way before this YouTube thing, like confessing you are old is bragging, I say it because this is something we have wanted to do for two decades, but for whatever reason, we took it only so far. I can say, sincerely that, seeing how everything has happened, it seems like providence to me...for sure.

Custom Aquariums' Amber, working on The Rainforest Exhibit.

So, please enjoy the vlog! I promise I will improve my skills (or lack thereof) in time, from my camera work, editing, sound, voiceovers, presence, interactions, etc., it is my goal to give you guys the best content I can give, so I know I will improve with time. All I ask is that you comment, like, subscribe, hit the Bell icon to stay on top of the vlogs, spread the word about what we are doing here. As I said in the first vlog, I plan to have giveaways, contests, anything that is allowed on YouTube, to be able to give you guys some cool things from me and my sponsors. One of the main plans is to put some HD video cameras in the exhibit, so anyone can tune in to check out what is going on at night. I will trip out if there are people/schools all over the world signing in to check it out. Talk about awesome!

Again, thank you for the support and as Jackie Gleason used to say..."and away we go!"

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