First, I'm sorry for not posting recently. I have been really busy painting and building, that I've let my social media pages air out too much! Anyway, back at it... since I have been building The Rainforest Exhibit, one of the main aspects of something like this is making sure everything from water to frogs, filters to lights, ventilation to plants, etc., has been thought out and considered. In a vivarium that houses live plants and living animals, the substrate or soil, must be more than just DIRT. It must be prepared in a way so it will not become a muddy toxic mess. When I first started doing this in the late 90'd, we used coco fiber, charcoal, sand. It was a"form" of what is used today, just not the perfected finished soil that they have now. In the 90's, the Baltimore Aquarium was known for it's extensive Poison Dart Frog program and many hobbyists tried to get as much info from them as possible. Present day, enter the Atlanta Botanical Garden. ABG is known for it's top rated Poison Dart Frog Program and they are even known for cracking the code or, creating a substrate that is perfect for housing Poison Dart Frogs/amphibians and some reptiles, while also being perfect for growing plants. Yes, it is called the ABG Mix (Atlanta Botanical Garden Mix). Of course, they could have kept the exact mix a secret and made a fortune packaging and selling it, but they leaned on the side of helping out all zoos and hobbyists. There are many forms of it on the market, although many are not the exact formula, but good quality. When I decided to go for it and build The Rainforest Exhibit, I knew that I needed a good ABG Mix. Instead of buying a pre-made mix, I wanted to make my own, using the best materials I could find. Since The Rainforest Exhibit is dedicated to education and the preserving the environment, especially since we have partnered with one of the world's most trusted Rainforest Charities, the Rainforest Trust, we sought sustainable materials for our ABG Mix. After a ton of research, I came across Acadian Supply, LLC., a company that prides itself on carrying sustainable orchid bark, sphagnum moss, treefern/fernwood, harvested in New Zealand, with the focus on sustainability. I contacted the CEO, Jeff Saal, and within a few minutes we were on the same page! Their products and videos can be seen in one of my earlier blogs: https://www.therainforestexhibit.com/blog-vlog/new-vlog-9-sustainable-vivarium-supplies That leads me to my latest vlog:

The Rainforest Exhibit has a volume (if filled with water) of 750+ Gallons, which, thankfully we do not have to be concerned with filling, there still is a lot of land area inside of it, and we needed a whole lot of ABG Mix. I told Jeff about the approximate dimensions of the land area inside The Rainforest Exhibit. Within a half hour, he came up with the math equation and what amounts of product I would need to make enough ABG Mix for the exhibit. Even cooler?!?! He contacted his friend at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, and found out the EXACT FORMULA for THE ORIGINAL: ABG MIX! Awesome! So check out the latest vlog with a kiddie pool filled with ABG Mix, and more!

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