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Updated: May 24, 2019

First, my apologies for not posting more blogs and a few days delayed on the vlogs. Many times I say "we" or "us", but it really is just "me"! So I am trying to get everything built and create sneakers at the same time, so, I have been finding that there are not enough hours in the day. THAT being said, I (as in "me") am going to catch up on the vlogs and get everyone passed the point of building, and moving into the part of checking it out, adding animals, and enjoying! Until the next project! There is an "US"/"WE" part, and that is all my amazing sponsors who have stuck by me from the start! You all have been amazing, that I cannot say enough!!!

The Rainforest Exhibit Mid-Level

Everyone that reads this or who follows us from here on out, please go check out my sponsors, and KNOW how amazing they are to jump in on a project from the beginning, simply because they thought it was "cool"!!!! In this world we can get a bit bitter or jaded, many times thinking that corporations are all about money (and of course, they need to make money to do THINGS), but what we forget is, corporations/businesses are made up of people. People that enjoy the same things that we enjoy, that think of cool things the same way that we do. Every single sponsor of mine, got me even MORE excited about the project as I fed off of their excitement about it! So, from me to you, KNOW that these companies have people, like you and I.

The Rainforest Exhibit Ruin Waterfall and Stream

I need all my friends to help spread the word about our YouTube Vlog, subscribe, and hit the Bell icon when you're there! @customaquariums @junglehobbies @rainforesttrust @tropicaaquariumplants @valiantentertainment @dunausa @tedsfishroom @corafoam_hdusigns

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Our Vlog Channel... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtnSqKjNlHuClgb5HVUaAAQ

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