Golden Poison Dart Frogs are AWESOME!

Our Golden Poison Frogs have been in The Rainforest Exhibit for a few weeks now and they are investigating every nook and cranny. They climb almost to the very top of the exhibit, about 4 ½ feet from the soil floor (first level). It is a daily event to see them climbing, jumping, hunting, sitting on the shoreline to watch the fruit flies on the surface of the water, crossing over the streams on driftwood bridges, adventure after adventure! It is clearly a zoo exhibit in our studio!

NOTE: the reason I am discussing "swimming" is because for the longest time, people in the Poison Frog hobby were saying, with authority, to stay away from water features in a Poison Frog enclosure. The reason, they claimed, was that Poison Frogs cannot swim and would almost certainly drown. I have never seen this happen and I have no idea WHY anyone would say this, except for MAYBE they had an accident and lost a frog to drowning. Can a frog drown, of course. A whale can drown! But to avoid putting a water feature in your vivarium out of fear of drowning, is a bit silly, UNLESS you do not know what you are doing! Building a water feature with shelves where a frog cannot egress out of, well, that is foolish. Putting Poison Frogs in a paludarium with little land area and mostly water is irresponsible. Having a current in a water feature when your frogs are as big as a nickel, that isn't smart. I didn't put my frogs in The Rainforest Exhibit until they were at least an inch and a half. Maybe a better rule of thumb is, if you do not know what you are doing, don't do it.

Moving on...

One thing is for sure, they have ZERO fear of anything, MAYBE of the plastic fruit fly containers, but they only move a little out of the way when they see it (usually it has fruit flies in it).

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The Rainforest Exhibit is proud to be partnered with the Rainforest Trust, which is a charity dedicated in preserving rainforests and other ecosystems, by purchasing land to protect it from deforestation and illegal mining. We will be helping spread the word about the Rainforest Trust, as well as, helping them raise funds to carry on their mission.

Please visit their website at: www.rainforesttrust.org

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