Did things just get CRAZY or WHAT!?!

One day we are checking out some Golden Poison Frogs and the next minute it is

Resident Evil: Apocalypse!

Our apologies for not updating our social media lately, but like everyone else out here, we were trying to survive! It is now June 2020, and things are starting to settle back down, whew. Even though we have not been actively updating our social media, we have been busy working on The Rainforest Exhibit's NEXT CHAPTER...

...creating Custom Indoor Rainforest Ecosystems for Residential Homes/Businesses/Schools/Zoos & Nature Centers. We are currently having an amazing graphic artist work on our brochures! We also have our contacts throughout the USA, waiting to receive the new brochures, so we can get this rain forest growing.

Pictured here is

The Rainforest Exhibit after one year of growth!

Our Golden Poison Frogs (Phyllobates terriblis) Are doing amazingly well! Our Red-Eyed Tree Frog, Mourning Geckos, Black Tetras, Cory Catfish, Buenos Aires Tetra, and Mystery Snail are also doing great! Our plants have exploded in growth, especially the moss! www.tropica.com provided us with a lot of moss, and it has quadrupled in size!

Our bromeliads (about 32 arrived a year ago) that we received from www.bromeliad.com have now surpassed 100, it is amazing!

If you had a chance to check out our YouTube Vlog, you can see how we kept them thriving in our 4 foot by 2 foot grow tent. We now use the grow tent/indoor greenhouse for bromeliads, so they do not overrun the exhibit. We have also used Moss Mix, which, with proper lighting and humidity, has also grown exponentially!

We have posted some new vlogs on our YouTube Channel AND we just grew to 200 Subscribers! Thank you everyone for your support, it is really cool! Below is our latest vlog:

Here is another vlog in case you didn't see it:

Here are some more pics of the interior of The Rainforest Exhibit:

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The Rainforest Exhibit is proud to be partnered with the Rainforest Trust, which is a charity dedicated in preserving rainforests and other ecosystems, by purchasing land to protect it from deforestation and illegal mining. We will be helping spread the word about the Rainforest Trust, as well as, helping them raise funds to carry on their mission.

Please visit their website at: www.rainforesttrust.org

The Rainforest Exhibit uses products from companies like:

Custom Aquariums: www.customaquariums.com

Current LED Lighting: www.current-usa.com

Frogs and other fauna: www.frogdaddy.net

MistKing Misting Systems: www.mistking.com

DUNA-USA Foam Products: www.dunagroup.com

Vivarium Works - Faux Rocks: www.vivariumworks.com

Bromeliads from : www.bromeliad.com

Tropica aquatic Plants: www.tropica.com

Driftwood: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LifeIsBeaut...

Valiant Comics and Entertainment: www.valiantentertainment.com

Acadian Supply, LLC: www.acadiansupply.com

www.besgrow.com Sphagnum Moss

www.fernwoodnz.com Tree Fern Panels and Substrate

www.orchiata.com Orchid Bark

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