Did somebody say "DRIFTWOOD"?!?

Yes they did and, WOW, do we have a lot of it! We have been getting a bunch of sponsors for the things that we need (we still need financial sponsors and for camera equipment, plus misc.), and we are very thankful for that. One of our sponsors is the owner of the Etsy Store LifeIsBeautifullUniq (yes, two "L"s...meaning FULL) which sells very unique driftwood. I had contacted her store awhile back and after explaining everything I was doing, Amy Chambers, the owner, was 100% in! Not only did she offer the driftwood, but since we were not too far away, she offered to deliver them halfway, which was awesome! So now we have a bunch of unique driftwood for The Rainforest Exhibit, we have some pieces to give away to a lucky winner! When we reach 100 Subscribers on our YouTube Channel, we will be giving away some driftwood, as well as some fake rocks from Vivarium Works, along with some other STUFF! Check out our newest Vlog which is all about , YEP, DRIFTWOOD!!!

Stay tuned as we are getting closer to painting everything and installing everything! Then adding the Flora and Fauna, which I am excited for as well! Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and Share it!

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The best Aquarium/Paludariums money can buy: www.customaquariums.com

Driftwood: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LifeIsBeautifullUniq

Beautiful Bromeliads: www.bromeliad.com

Faux Rocks: www.vivariumworks.com

High Density Foam: www.dunausa.com

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