Call out for Sponsors!

Hi everyone!

First, thank you to everyone who has given us support here at the beginning, it truly means the world to us! We have come against a few road blocks and, some, we have maneuvered around, while others, we still face. Whenever a project is started that has not been done before, there are always unseen expenses. We need some supplies that we have not found sponsors for OR we have sponsors, but there is still issues about shipping costs. If anyone is interested in being a part of The Rainforest Exhibit, by showing us support by purchasing supplies that we need OR financially filling a need, please contact artist, MAG, at your convenience. There are several products that we need but the supplier needs assistance with shipping costs which is totally understandable, that would be a great way to help OR you can request the list of supplies we still need and then assist us in acquiring them. That would be AMAZING as well! Email MAG at mag@punkyourchucks.com for more information! In the subject line of your email write (copy & paste)either: "Interested in purchasing PRODUCT(s) to assist The Rainforest Exhibit Project" and/or "Interested in SUPPLYING FUNDS to assist The Rainforest Exhibit Project" We will respond with information on exactly how to do that!

ALSO, if you desire to recognized as an Individual Sponsor, we will be making a plaque on the wall with every sponsor's name as a "thank you" and periodically share it on our Vlog. We will also have a "Thank You" section on our website, again if you so desire, we will post your name, to thank you for your help! If you desire to be a corporate sponsor, we will post your URL on our wall that will appear in a ton of The Rainforest Exhibit Vlogs, as well as your info on our website and in the vlog description on YouTube. We will soon have a Patreon account for anyone who wants to support this project, but that will not go into affect until after January 2019. You can also support us by Subscribing to our YouTube Channel and hitting the Bell Icon. Click the link to our YouTube Channel to do that: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtnSqKjNlHuClgb5HVUaAAQ

Thank you for your support!!!

Custom Aquariums supplies us with a ton of great products!

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