The Rainforest Exhibit will have many different types of tropical bromeliads,  mosses, orchids, and other tropical plants.

All of our aquatic and some terrestrial mosses have been supplied to us by Tropica.com.
All of our bromeliads have been supplied by Bromeliad.com .
We will be looking out for a supplier of the other types of plants we will be using, unless we acquire them on the open market. 

Please visit their online stores, they have the most amazing selection of beautifully healthy tropical plants and aquatic plants.

Information for each plant is supplied by our sponsors,
www.bromeliad.com and www.tropica.com

Information with an asterisk (*) was supplied by bromeliads.info

Bromeliads:  www.bromeliad.com 
Aquatic Plants: www.tropica.com 

Aechmea Correria-Araujoi
Aechmea Nudicaulis Seidel
Billbergia Beadleman
Billbergia Casa Blanca
Canistropsis Burchellii
Neoregelia 'Angel Face'. Growing to
Neoregelia Ampullacea New Type
Neoregelia Annick
Neoregelia Clarice x Lilliputiana
Neoregelia Dim Sum
Neoregelia Licorice Twist
Neoregelia Lilliputiana Pauciflora
Neoregelia Lilliputiana
Neoregelia Maculata
Neoregelia Petit Minou
Neoregelia Red Bird
Neoregelia Royal Burgundy x Fireball
Neoregelia Wilsoniana x Fireball
Neoregelia Zoe
Quesnelia Marmorata
Vriesea Corcovadensis
Leaf Litter