In case you didn't know by now, The Rainforest Exhibit (also referred to as "TRE") is the brainchild of MAG, of all things, a sneaker artist from Punk Your Chucks.  MAG had built vivariums and rainforests, as well as zoo exhibits, back in the 90s.  However, if it weren't for the vision of the PR and Social Media Manager from Custom Aquariums, it may have never have been built.  MAG approached Custom Aquariums' Ted Judy with the idea and after a ton of emails back and forth, they worked out a plan.

Ted put MAG in touch with Custom Aquariums' National Sales Rep, Bob Pontow. After another round of emails and phone calls, the enclosure had blueprints, design, parts list, etc.  just a few signatures and it was approved for construction.

Click on the video (below) to view it during its production phase at Custom Aquariums.


The Rainforest Exhibit SPECS:

60 inches tall by 60 inches long by 48 inches without the canopy and the stand.

With the canopy and stand it is 102 inches tall or 8 feet 6 inches tall.

The liquid volume of the enclosure IF it were an aquarium is approximately 

750 gallons and it is about 100 square feet in volume size.

MAG knew that there would be a lot of "hands" touching it, including his, so he insisted

on the glass being tempered.  This added quite a bit to the cost of TRE, but in the long run,

iit is worth it.  MAG has used tempered glass as his workstation desk and it is very

sturdy, enough to stand up to a lot of touching and poking.

There are 6 holes drilled into TRE, main enclosure. These holes were drilled before it was tempered treated, since you cannot drill tempered glass. Two holes for water to enter TRE from the Seamless Sump filter, one for the stream and one for the waterfall, these waters will join together into the shoreline. Two holes for draining the water into the Seamless Sump filter from TRE. One of these holes is in a glass partition (it will be hidden) that is installed about 18 inches from the front.  This partition is 10 inches high and a little smaller than 60 inches long.  The reason for this partition is to keep the majority of water away from the main land area.  In many vivariums this is done by having a false bottom, which TRE has as well, however, since TRE is so massive, the standing water under the land area without the partition, would have been around 100+ gallons of water.  This water would serve no purpose but to just have to pushed through the filter.  The partition allows us to keep the filtered water mainly for the waterfall, streams, shoreline lagoon, this makes it a lot easier to keep clean.

All that being said, there still is standing water under the main land area (from 18 inches from the front and then 30 inches to the back), behind the partition.  Any standing water behind the partition, due to our MistKing Misting System, our fogging system, or overspray from the waterfall and streams, can be drained out by hole number 5, on the rear glass and about 2 inches off the bottom.  This has a valve that can open, allowing for this wastewater, mainly from the misters, fog, and any stream and waterfall runoff, to be drained.

The last 2 holes can clearly be seen on the sides of the enclosure.  These are for ventilation.  It is important that the air in TRE to be cycled just like the water.  Standing air promotes mold and fungus, which are not conducive to healthy ecosystems.

There are some smaller holes that are drilled into the top glass covers, to allow for the MistKing Misting System's misting nozzles, to be installed. 

In the rear of the enclosure, there are several air ducts.  These were assembled by MAG.
MAG designed a housing and air duct system to allow this unit to heat and ventilate TRE, without subjecting the heating unit to a high humidity environment which would have certainly ruined the unit quicker than normal.  If you are interested in purchasing these for your vivarium, just visit the The Rainforest Exhibit Online Store (when it becomes available by Early 2020).


As The Rainforest Exhibit

changes as a result from construction in our Vlog, this "SPECS" page will change, as well.  We will be adding information pertaining to those changes.

Our goal is to keep you in-the-know about everything taking place with all the sponsored parts and supplies as they transform into

The Rainforest Exhibit!